Boston Group Travel: Chartering A Bus

Beantown Bound: Wicked Good Times in Boston!

You’ve got your cream pies, your lagers, your lobsters and even your Red Sox, we’re talking chowdah and wicked happy hours. It’s Boston baby and we have a list of places you and your group aren’t going to want to miss out on while you’re there.


The Best Places for Boston Group Travel


The Friendly Toast

Anyone in Boston will tell yah, everyday starts with a good brunch. Bostoners call this meeting of minds and mouths a “Southie Sunday”, where you finish your weekend with a boozy breakfast and lunch combo… Aka brunch. It can be hard to find a spot that will accommodate large groups in Boston, but The Friendly Toast has your back, or your stomach for that matter. The service is amazing and the food is delicious. The aesthetic elevates its fun vibe and whether you’ve chosen a bloody mary or a boozy coffee flight, you’re in for a good time. On a list of mouth-watering food options don’t forget to try their churro bites, they’re out of this world!

brick houses down a cobblestone road in Beacon Hill, Boston.


The Institute of Contemporary Art

Within the Seaport District is this immaculate building of 65,000 square feet that sits alongside the Boston Channel. The structure of the building could be a contemporary piece on its own, but the exhibits are something to brag about. The Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston holds events like First Friday Poolside Pride and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. If you’re concerned about a building this big making you hungry, there’s also a place to chow down while taking breaks in between wondering about the gigantic masterpiece. Don’t forget to check out their website to see what exhibits and events they have going on the day you arrive.



This place puts you on the map or inside of it. Mapparium is a globe fit to scale. You and your Boston travel group are on an adventure, why not get more insight into where you are relative to other places? This bewildering structure was created in the 1930s by architect Chester Lindsay Churchill. The globe has colorful stained glass and is 30 feet in diameter with three stories of compelling structure. Not only is the view captivating but the globe will give you a different perception of where you are. If you stand in the center of the sphere you will get the “whispering gallery effect” that allows people from one end of the bridge to the other to hear you in perfect sentences, so make sure not to say anything you don’t want a perfect stranger to hear. Before you and your Boston travel group go, it’s important to note that photography is not permitted inside the globe, which makes it one of those places you have to visit to experience.

buildings lit up in the evening with trees in between, in Boston, MA.


In a nutshell, Sowa has it all, what does that mean? Sowa is often referred to as an artists guild and has 20-plus galleries, restaurants, events, and even shopping. Sowa’s farmer’s and artist market is one of the largest and brings local vendors, which means delicious food, what’s more, it’s free. Sowa even has a spa to wind down in if you need to recover from the crew for a bit. As mentioned previously, Boston likes to take advantage of their first Fridays and Sowa is no exception. On the first Friday here, you can see all the galleries, shops, and showrooms come alive. This spot will have you saying “EVERYONE IS SO CREATIVE” but really. Check out their website to see what else they have in store.


Yankee Lobster Co.

Boston is all about their lobsters and you and eventually your Boston travel group will need lunch. This may be an obvious choice but we’re sending you to get your fix of the decadent crustaceans. The Yankee Lobster Co. has a long lineage of fishermen and is run by the Zanti family, who took their Fishman skills from Italy to America and made a whole fishing operation out of it, with a focus on lobsters. Generations later, the Zanti family still provides fresh fish from their boat to your table. What does this menu include? Well, lobster rolls of course, but there are other offerings as well: clam chowder, seafood stew, and even an all-American (with a hint of Italian) hamburger. This restaurant is one for the books, you won’t want to miss out.

5 people are facing the ocean from a boat as they watch a whale's tail pop up.

Whale Watching

The classic 90s film Free Willy couldn’t possibly prepare you for how majestic the real thing is, well not the entire storyline, just the encounter of a whale. You could go to Seaworld or Splashworld or whatever world has these creatures behind glass for your entertainment, but seeing something so big, powerful, and archaic in the wild.. that’s a once in a lifetime kind of deal and here in Boston, you can have that experience. Massachusetts  doesn’t just have one species of whale in their deep blue waters either, they have eight. Among the most popular whales you might see are the well-known humpback but also the second largest whale in the world, The Fin Whale! This exploration will have you saying “We did it, Willy”! Just insert the name of whichever whale you came across in place of Willy. Take your Boston travel group on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure on the open seas.


Getting Around Boston As A Group

Heading with your group to any of these places in Boston is certain to give you a wicked good time. With that being said we’re sure you don’t want to mess up the fun with the hassle of transportation. Listen, you bring your people, we’ll bring our people and make a charter bus out of it. Drop all that last minute who’s driving who shenanigans and stop calculating how many cabs it will take to fit your crew and just call us! We’ll ensure the most luxurious stress-free charter for your Boston group trip.


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