Charter Buses For East Coast Corporate Gatherings

How To Not Pull Your Hair Out Planning A Trip To The East Coast For Your Employees:

With steps on how to charter a bus on the east coast

You and your team need a bonding experience and have decided to travel to the East Coast because it is, after all, the best coast of them all. If this is your first time herding a bunch of adults from place to place, and you’re fretting about it, don’t worry we’ve got you here at Motor Coach East; booking your East Coast charter bus is the easiest part. Here are some tips for your East Coast business travel.

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Chartering An East Coast Bus: Research Your Destination

First and foremost, you’re going to want to do your research on the place you’ve decided on for your East Coast trip. These days, the weather is constantly changing and so are the seasonal events depending on the place. Also, things to keep in mind when planning your trip: does this location align with your business values? Is this a place you think your employees would enjoy? When you have all of those questions worked out you’re ready to start diving in.


Before Chartering Your East Coast Bus: Consider Purchasing Refundable Tickets

Flights to anywhere can be a complicated process these days. There are plenty of situations where your air travel plans could go awry, with flight delays, cancellations, or re-routing. In those cases, you will most- likely be able to rebook or get a refund. However, life happens in other ways too. As we all learned from the pandemic, things can shut down at a moment’s notice, or someone might have an emergency that prevents them from traveling. Let’s face it, plane tickets are expensive and when you’ve got a whole crew with you the cost can be tremendous. Your safest bet is to buy refundable tickets, better safe than sorry.


Another Tip Before Traveling To The East Coast: Look Into Getting Travel Insurance

You must treat a trip with your employees with as much care as you would in an office situation, ultimately you are responsible for your employers on trips. This can sound like a big responsibility but not to worry, insurance can help! With a corporate policy, you can protect your staff and yourself in the circumstance that disaster may strike. This could save you and your employees from the potential of large financial losses. All those things mentioned make this a valuable policy to have but what’s more, these kinds of insurance are more likely to keep your staff on your team.


In Preparation For Your East Coast Charter Bus Reservation: Make a checklist for the crew

A checklist for your employees is the best way to keep you and your staff more organized so you can enjoy the trip and stress less. This checklist can not only apply to your staff but also is a helpful tool to consider when you’re packing as well.

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Items To Pack:

ID: Although the most obvious, it is also the easiest to forget. These babies go in at #1 for the importance.

Electronics: This includes laptops, phones, and chargers, this is an employee trip after all and these things are necessities

Clothes & Outerwear: Depending on where you land on the east coast it might be wise to inform your employers on whether to bring jackets or perhaps there’s a fancy dinner planned that comes with a dress code, be sure to mention it!

The list doesn’t have to include every single detail, just the things deemed a business necessity, but if you don’t want any unnecessary shopping sprees, especially if it’s to the company card, feel free to create a more extensive list.


Staying On the Same Page: Create A Group Chat

No matter who comes on a trip, people will at some point get separated, and as we know there’s always that one friend or employee in this case. So save yourself the trouble of individual texting and acquire a group chat for work through apps like Slack or Discord.

Why not a group text?

If you want to annoy the introverts of the group by bombarding them with messages, they can’t escape from by all means, these apps give people a good separation from personal and work life. This way, when there comes a time, and there will, when on one of the stops on the itinerary you are waiting on that last person to show up before going wherever it is you’re going, you can message them asking where the heck they are.

Save the drama for your mama and get on a chat app.


Before Chartering Your East Coast Bus: Find Somewhere to Stay

Sleep is very important, so it’s safe to say you would want to find the place most conducive for sleeping.

When on the hunt for hotels to book it’s important to keep these things in mind:

Consider The Location: You don’t want to spend the entire trip going back and forth from place to place, look for a place where the action is.
Look Into What Hotels Have The Best Business Amenities: You are running a business after all depending on how big your group is you might want a hotel equipped with meeting rooms.
Check For Other Amenities: It may seem as though things like ac should always be included but some places might not offer it, cleaning services could be unavailable, all things to look out for.

Once you’ve got this squared away you’re ready to rest!


East Coast Charter Bus Prep: Make an Itinerary

One of the more valuable tools you can acquire is an itinerary, this keeps everything organized with where to be and when you need to be there.

When making an itinerary, make it tight enough to be organized while remaining flexible, nobody wants a drill sergeant when they’re on a company outing.

Make the itinerary fun and easy to follow with just enough time in between to give people their space, being around co-workers for hours on end can be draining for some people, so allow them to recharge.

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Chartering That East Coast Bus: Make Travel Arrangements

With an itinerary to keep people busy, you will need something to get you to all the places you want to go.

There are Uber and taxis of course but with big groups, no one wants to take a million separate cars.

The easiest way to get around with big groups is to charter a bus with us at Motor Coach East.


How do you charter a bus on the east coast?

It’s easy! And here at Motor Coach East, we have the best of the best.

Figure Out What Size Your East Coast Bus Needs to Be

Simple: get a head count!

Create An Itinerary to Give Your Charter Bus Company

Look over that itinerary because you’re about to send it over to us.

Get A Quote for Your East Coast Charter Bus:

Head on over to our Request A Quote page and fill out the form with all the information you have gathered.

Arrive At Your Destination

Let us start off by picking you up from the airport and enjoy the comfy ride from place to place.

Now that you have all the information you need to make this trip as efficient and stress-free as possible, it’s time to relax, so sit back, kick those feet up, and get excited about your trip!